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Sri Lanka Embassy in Brussels celebrates Thai Pongal

pongal 2015

The Sri Lanka Embassy of Belgium celebrated Thai Pongal, with the participation of Sri Lankans living in Belgium, Luxembourg and several neighbouring countries. The event was hosted at the Cultural Centre in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (Brussels) and was marked by a large representative presence.

 After lighting the traditional Sri Lankan oil lamp and the playing of the national anthem, the Hindu Priest conducted the religious observance and offered blessings of prosperity to all those who were gathered at the event, to those living in Sri Lanka and to the country.

The Ambassador E Rodney M Perera highlighted the significance of the Thai Pongal festival in his address and read the messages of HE the President of Sri Lanka and HE the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka issued on this occasion.

Pongal along with an assortment of food and sweetmeats traditionally associated with Thai Pongal celebrations were served at the end of the programme which was enjoyed by all those who attended.

Sri Lanka Embassy

02nd February 2015


Rue Jules Lejeune 27
1050 Brussels