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Buddha Rashmi National Vesak Festival: 21 - 25 May 2016


In view of celebrating the Vesak festival in May this year, the Gangaramaya Temple together with the Prime Minister's Office is organising a "Buddha Rashmi National Vesak Festival - 2016" to be held from 21st to 25th May at the Gangarama Temple, Temple Trees, the Beira Lake roundabout and surrounding areas in Colombo.

The Buddha Rashmi National Vesak Festival would consist of Vesak exhibitions and competition, Vesak artwork, lanterns etc by school children, special Vesak ornamentation to be displayed by Beira Lake, Vesak Bhakthi Geetha, Vesak epic theatre/ballet, street dramas, Puppet shows and Vesak Pandols and Dansal. Sacred Relics of the Lord Buddha will also be exhibited at Temple Trees during the festival.

All overseas Sri Lankans travelling to Colombo during the month of May 2016 are encouraged to participate in the "Buddha Rashmi National Vesak Festival - 2016".

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